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East Sands 1
East Sands 2

This is East Sands, St Andrews - can you believe it's January?!

More pics, if anyone is interested, are available through my profile page.
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Arse Monkey, I am currently attempting to discuss the scientific principles and processes which influence climate and transfer of energy in the earth-atmosphere system.....don't expect me on msn anytime soon.
Sounds like fun...any chance you could pop on MSN for a few secs just so I can ask you about memory cards?
just popping along
They are both ordered now...256 ones.
Hi Claire! I'm Gwen from Switzerland (hope you don't mind my weird English :-)), and I know I'm currently commenting on a very old LJ-entry :-) I just wanted to say that I friended you because I'm a fan of Scotland & interested in Scottish history, and I'm a PhD too (although in engineering). I'd be thrilled if you'd friend me back, so I could follow your entries!
Regards from sunny Zurich, Gwen79

p.s. love the pics above!
Hi Gwen, nice to 'meet' you! I have friended you back :)