☆ Claire ☆ (shoe__gal) wrote,
☆ Claire ☆

Random things I love about Pasadena

Still feeling miserable about having to move back to Scotland.  It's weird because before I left, and for maybe the first few weeks here, I thought that was what I wanted.  Now, when I think of moving back the words that come to mind are 'doomed', 'no choice', 'settling', things like that.  Nothing really that positive. 

I definitely think the quality of life is higher over here.  I think when I moved here I possibly made a list of things I didn't like about the US (it was mainly health care costs, slow kettles and toasters, and cheques).  But here's a list of things I now love about being in Pasadena (very random, but all important to me!):

Sunshine and warmth almost every day of the year
Beautiful flowers year round
Lovely apartment - pool, hot tub etc
Massive fridge, efficient oven, dishwasher, large washer and dryer
Peaceful apartment, no chavs nearby
Better customer service
A leasing office which takes in our packages
Membership to the Huntington - could never get bored of that place
Easy to walk into town
Easy (and very cheap) to take the metro into LA proper - 2 minutes walk to a metro station
Places like Chinatown, Little Tokyo etc barely 30 minutes away
Much more varied foods
Different nationalities
More exciting things happening
Beautiful landscaping
Easy access to the freeway when we have a car - it's just a couple of minutes from us, but can't hear it from the apartment, perfect!
Underground parking space for the apartment
Cheap to eat out/get takeaways/coffees
Great public library
Free open air concerts
Plenty of public events - e.g. chalk festival, art night
Lots of museums, plenty of days where they are free to visit (e.g. Norton Simon, Pacific Asia within Pasadena, lots more in wider LA)
Easily drivable to gorgeous beaches, missions, other interesting towns and cities, mountains, lakes, reservoirs, deserts
Amazing views over the city from various locations
Able to see mountains and palm trees every day
Griffith Park and observatory
The zoo
Stunning sunsets
Shopping - lots of bargains, much better opening hours (until 9pm 6 days a week), outlet malls, frequent sales,
Americana at Brand
Lower taxes
Cheaper public transport, petrol, gas and electricity
Good yarn stores, book stores, macaroon stores
Frozen yogurt
Possibility of seeing celebs
Local news channels which make me laugh and which occasionally have live high speed pursuits on them
Higher speed internet
Not the same drinking/clubbing culture
Fat squirrels
The Pasadena parrots
South Pasadena and Menchies
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