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Random things I love about Pasadena

Still feeling miserable about having to move back to Scotland.  It's weird because before I left, and for maybe the first few weeks here, I thought that was what I wanted.  Now, when I think of moving back the words that come to mind are 'doomed', 'no choice', 'settling', things like that.  Nothing really that positive. 

I definitely think the quality of life is higher over here.  I think when I moved here I possibly made a list of things I didn't like about the US (it was mainly health care costs, slow kettles and toasters, and cheques).  But here's a list of things I now love about being in Pasadena (very random, but all important to me!):

the listCollapse )

Some Hawaii pics


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Jan. 30th, 2005

It's a lovely day in St Andrews today!Collapse )

This is East Sands, St Andrews - can you believe it's January?!

More pics, if anyone is interested, are available through my profile page.