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1 July 1979
~*~*~ About Me ~*~*~

I'm Claire, married to ms_noone. We live in Pasadena, California, although we're actually British and spent the last decade or more in and near St Andrews in Scotland.

I am the not particularly proud owner of a rather useless PhD in Scottish History!

I am obsessed with Hawaii and spend far too much of my time dreaming about it and working out how and when to go back!

~*~*~ Mary, Queen of Scots ~*~*~

I have also started up the maryqueenofscot community - anyone with an interest in Mary is welcome to join.

~*~*~ Friending policy ~*~*~

For various reasons, this journal is completely friends only, so, if you want to read, comment or add me, and I will add you back. I don't mind most people reading, even if you just stumbled across me randomly, and am happy to gain new friends!

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